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Customer Feedback


1. Introduction

At McArthur customer service is extremely important to us and we strive to provide our clients, temporary employees and job seeker applicants with a service of high quality. We maintain contact with our clients, temporary employees and job seeker applicants (herein referred to as client) through:

  • Regular client visit and contact programs
  • Candidate functions, recognition of birthdays and special events
  • Quality control monitoring activities, such as surveys and follow up calls
  • Prompt correspondence appropriate to the request
  • General industry networking functions and meetings
  • Attendance at conferences and conventions
  • Sponsorship of client events
  • Client entertainment and promotional events

McArthur maintains its Quality Assurance certification by using continuous improvement principles to review, evaluate and develop our processes within our quality management system, ensuring our services are consistent and provided at a high standard.

McArthur consultants are in regular contact with our clients to ensure that we are meeting, if not exceeding our client's expectations and we welcome feedback both positive and constructive.

2. Providing Feedback

McArthur regularly seeks feedback and encourages clients to provide details of how we can tailor or improve our services. Clients can provide feedback via telephone, email, letter or in person:

  • Directly to the consultant they are being assisted by
  • To the Divisional or State Manager

3. Complaints

If you experience service that is not of a standard you expected of us, then we would encourage you to:

  1. Where possible, discuss the matter with the Consultant who has been assisting you.
  2. Where this is not appropriate, please contact the Divisional or State Manager (of the Consultant) for a discussion in good faith, to find a suitable resolution.
  3. If you wish to make a complaint about our handling of your personal information, it should be made to us in writing, addressed to our Privacy Coordinator. Please refer to the McArthur Privacy Policy.

We request when making a complaint that you have the following information available to you (where relevant):

  • contact details and ability to verify your identity
  • the date you registered with us (if applicable)
  • the name of the Consultant with whom you dealt with
  • the details of your concerns or issue

When we receive your complaint:

  • We will take steps to confirm the details of the complaint and the contact details provided to us, to ensure that we are responding to you or to a person whom you have authorised to receive information about your complaint
  • We may ask for clarification of certain aspects of the complaint and for further detail
  • We will consider the complaint and may make inquiries of people who can assist us to established what has happened and why
  • We will respond within 30 business days
  • We will discuss solutions with you on a confidential and without prejudice basis
  • If the complaint is about our handling of your personal information and can be resolved by procedures listed within the Access & Correction section of the McArthur Privacy Policy, we will suggest these to you as possible solutions.

4. How to contact us

Should you wish to provide feedback or make a correction to any personal information held by us, you should telephone our office nearest to you (details on our contact page) and it is recommended that you address this to the consultant with whom you dealt.

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service and wish to make a complaint please follow the process above in Complaints.