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Early Childhood Educator - Diploma

Early Childhood Education
Location: NSW
Work Type: Full Time permanent/Term Contract
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Diploma Qualified Educators

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We're looking for Diploma Qualified Educators who love the unpredictable, often quirky world of early childhood education, but are equally passionate about helping develop inquiring young minds through creative and structured learning programs.

Yes, it may mean pretending to eat a playdough pie or laughing at a joke you don't understand. But nothing gives you more pleasure than seeing young, growing minds absorbed in listening and learning. That's what makes your day.

If we've touched a nerve and this sounds like you, get in touch today with Alexis Brennan on (02) 9277 7000. Or apply with your resume.

(connections with the Royal Family - ideally Princess Fiona, Prince Charming, The Lion King or Queen Elsa, would be a distinct advantage).

138185 Posted On:08/02/2019