Podcast - Deliberative democracy in community engagement & local government decision-making

Welcome to the McArthur podcast titled “Leading in the Public Interest”

Our podcast series will look at the people and issues involved in the public sector with a focus on local government in Australia."What are the unique challenges of working in the public sector?  What does it mean to be a public servant? Each episode will either highlight the role, achievements and career path of senior leaders or will examine an issue of importance to the sector and examine how that affects the lives of Australians. Leading in the Public Interest is brought to you by McArthur’s HR Consulting Division, McArthur Talent Architects.

In this episode, we interview Amanda Stone, a Councillor at the City of Yarra Council, about deliberative democracy and how it can enhance the work of local government through engaging and connecting with community stakeholders.

About our guest speaker

Amanda Stone is a councillor at the City of Yarra. She was first voted on to the Council in 2008 and was immediately elected to the role of Mayor a position she again held in 2016-2017. Amanda began her professional life as a secondary school teacher specialising in the study of psychology in which she was also an assessor. She currently sits on the board of the Yarra Energy Foundation and is the independent chair of the Collingwood Headspace Consortium.   

Her passion for finding ways to bring the community together to develop recommendations to councils that will get widespread public support led to her successful application for a McArthur Fellowship.