IMP Case Study - An Inspiring Journey of Personal Development as A Mentee

Benefits of the International Mentor Program

The International Mentor Program (IMP) aims to strengthen people-to-people links and cultural exchange between Australia and the participating countries and builds a network of young leaders across Asia for future collaboration and knowledge exchange.

IMP provides leadership, communication and project management skills to mentees. Through regular online communications, mentors provide guidance and direction to the participants in designing, implementing and completing their community projects over a six-month period.

The Program is coming to a close with all mentors and mentees preparing for their final presentations. McArthur is delighted to present a short update and positive feedback from a mentee on her experience and her project development.

Connecting a young person to personal development and improved social and economic opportunity


Lahana Maharjan is a nineteen-year-old student pursuing a Bachelors in Public Health in Kathmandu, Nepal and a mentee in Local Government Professionals Australia’s International Mentoring Program as part of the Young Leaders Stream of the program.

“I consider myself an enthusiastic learner, eager to know about the ongoing activities in society, and I always step forward to learn about and participate in community events.

My project is based on creating a healthy learning environment in schools. This project focuses on keeping students healthy as they learn to achieve their goals in life. The project runs in two phases: first, the assessment phase, and the second being an information and awareness session.


The first phase involves water quality testing and the identification of risk factors that may cause health problems or injuries. The second phase deals with educating school children and staff about the quality of water and other risk factors and suggesting measures to minimise the risk. This session would be conducted through presentations and demonstrations.

In the very beginning, I want to learn the proper methods of planning and implementing a project. I hope to learn about various obstacles that can arise in the process and also ways to tackle these problems so as to make the project a success. I also look forward to developing my skills in leadership, rapport-building and mass communication.”

 We are looking forward to attending the final presentations of mentees from Nepal in November 2019