Gender equality. It’s all about a balanced approach.

Posted: 29 Nov 2017

McArthur doesn't simply pay lip service to maintaining a gender diverse and balanced workplace,
it is a commitment that touches every part of our national operations.

Since our inception in 1969, focused and ambitious females have played an integral role in our success. Today, they represent every level of McArthur – Director, State and Divisional Management, Senior Consultant, Line Management and Administration.

We also apply the same principles to every stage of our recruitment process – from sourcing to shortlisting. We ensure all recruitment submissions and recommendations presented to McArthur clients are based on capability and competence, and we never compromise. 

Nick Kelly, Victorian Manager of Executive Search at McArthur, points out: "as a specific sector example, the current gender balance within the senior executive ranks in local government represents an unfavourable percentage of females. 15% at CEO level, 30% at Director, 38% at Manager and 46% at Coordinator level."

He goes on to say that "while application pools remain in favour of male candidates, McArthur implement proactive candidate attraction strategies specifically targeting the best possible female talent so our clients always have a balanced shortlist for consideration."

Kelly succinctly outlines and summarises the broader McArthur commitment to equity and diversity - "Irrespective of sector, in all search assignments we aim for diversity in gender, age and ethnicity across the candidate pool, applying broad, lateral thinking in our search for the best possible candidate."

Click here to view and download the McArthur Gender Equality Statement.