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Law staff professionals and legal practices rely on McArthur because we:

  • Have 40 years experience specialising in the recruitment of law professionals.

  • Have a team of qualified consultants with a reputation for integrity and professionalism as well as the resources, networks, expertise and depth of legal experience to find ideal staffing solutions particular to legal practices.

  • Establish long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, evidenced by the fact that our first ever client is still a client.

  • Ensure the placement of staff, from secretarial and support staff to paralegals and solicitors, achieves a hand in glove fit with the culture, values and goals of the legal practice.

  • Provide clients and candidates with strategic advice and guidance including detailed assessments of recruitment trends and other market activity at any time.

  • Provide candidates with support and guidance in a confidential and professional manner. Vocational guidance is also available.

  • Are committed to ensuring the continued improvement in the quality of service and level of candidate skills available to the legal profession.