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Sales and Marketing professionals and organisations throughout Australia rely on McArthur because we:

  • Have been shaping performance focused sales and marketing teams of the highest calibre for over 40 years.

  • Have a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants with the resources and depth of experience to find ideal staffing solutions that optimise both business and career outcomes

  • Work closely with clients and candidates to build long-term relationships and effectively tailor the placement process, ensuring fully integrated staffing solutions of a consistently high standard.

  • Find placements for a wide range of staff where their skills, aptitude, passion and talent reflect a hand in glove fit with the culture, values and business goals of the organisation.

  • Provide strategic advice and guidance on building and retaining effective, talented and highly skilled sales and marketing business units.

  • Have rigorous recruitment, assessment and selection methodologies in place.

  • Provide detailed advice and assessment of recruitment trends and other market activity at any time.