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In the event of an incident, our temporary employee should seek assistance from the immediate host client supervisor and in the case of an injury seek appropriate medical treatment, this may also be organised by any persons who are at the scene at the time of the event.

All events (injury, incident or near miss) are to be reported by the affected person to their McArthur Consultant as soon as possible or within 24 hours. A report must be made regardless of whether or not the affected temporary employee is injured. The report must be made in addition to any statutory reporting requirements to the relevant Workers Compensation Authority. All reports are to be recorded using the McArthur Incident and Hazard Reporting and Investigation Form Section A is to be completed for all incidents, hazards and near misses. Section B is to be completed where an injury or illness has been sustained.

All incidents must be promptly reported by the affected temporary employee or host client supervisor to their McArthur Consultant in the first instance, but can also be reported to the McArthur National RTW Coordinator (08 8100 7000, or the McArthur Receptionist in your state as soon as possible after the incident.


In the case of INJURIES, please call

  • Your McArthur Consultant
  • The McArthur National RTW Coordinator Amy Wolverson 08 8100 7000
  • The McArthur Receptionist in your state
McArthur Melbourne 03 9828 6565
McArthur Sydney 02 9277 7000
McArthur Adelaide 08 8100 7000
McArthur Brisbane 07 3211 9700
McArthur Canberra 02 6229 9000

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